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Our Pastor
Pastor Derek Swanepoel

Born in Zambia, and relocated as a child to Rhodesia.
Finished Senior School and joined the Rhodesian British South Africa Police Force (BSAP).
I left the BSAP after completing several years of service and relocated to South Africa.
My wife Michelle Stapleton and I married whilst I was still serving in the BSAP.
We have been blessed with four girls, two who are now married.
We have five grandchildren.

My Salvation
It was a Sunday morning service after hearing the Word of God being preached from the King James Bible that I realised I was a condemned sinner. I then started to ask questions about salvation.
The following Sunday I went to church services again, and it was then that I was led to the Lord through the scriptures by the  associate Pastor who has since become a lifelong friend of mine.

My Whole Families Salvation
As a result of the preaching in the church at that time our entire family came to salvation and was baptised.

Seminary 1997
In the following months I enlisted in our church Bible College program.
The Bible College program was extensive covering seven years until graduation.

As The Pastor
In 2008 after serving in the church as a rotational preacher, I became the full time Pastor of the same church when our senior Pastor retired.
Now in 2022, I am still currently the Pastor of Bible Baptist Church.
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